Build your eCommerce site and succeed. Find and observe your business’s main indicators in order to improve your online store. Optimize your site to increase sales.

Web Analytics

Measuring what is going on with your site is very important to identify where any failure is and see how you can recover from it. Let´s do it!


Ads across many major websites can bring visitors to your site, create higher visibility, and new opportunities. Also, an organic position in search engines will help your business.

Blog & Social Media

People are talking about your brand now and it is crucial for you to be there and dialogue with them. You’ll draw your clients closer, and you will also gain new faithful clients.


The secret lies in good planning


Researching your business OFF and Online is the key to success. Do not underestimate the power of the Internet.



Good research will help you discover new opportunities to stand out in the market and offer innovation.



It´s time to put your hands to the keyboard. It’s time to show your best work by selecting the ideal platform for your site and leaning on a good team.



Whether you are offering an online product or service, you should always deliver happiness to those who trust you.


"If you want different results, do not do always the same" (Einstein)


These are some of the companies I have worked with to optimize their digital media business, retain customers / readers and reach new users.

"Think Different. Stay hungry, stay foolish" (Jobs)

About me…

I am Bachelor of Social Communication, specializing in Digital Marketing and Web Analytics, formed (and deformed) by the new technologies and how they influence my daily life.

Who AM I?


“Alejandro is a great E-Commerce Manager. He has the skills to control and manage a team, and also to take care of everything that an online store´s need in order to improve our sells and be more profitable as a digital business.” – Yanina Batistella – Marketing Director at Calzados Batistella – Córdoba – Argentina.
“If you are looking for a web analyst to move your company in a positive direction, you couldn’t choose someone with more knowledge and proof of effective application than Alejandro.” – Lila Carpenter – Account Manager at Market Motive – California – USA.
“I met Alejandro many years a go, when he was my student at University. Since then, he has never stopped learning and working very hard. He was in charge of one of the fastest growing Online Stores in Argentina, creating digital campaign and increasing the business” – Juan Manuel LuceroFounder & CMO at Qonf | Marketing & Communications Professor.
“I met Alejandro when I was President of the Chamber of Ecommerce in Argentina. We have been watching how Calzados Batistella was growing in their digital business thanks to a team in charge of Alejandro. He is always willing to learn and keep up the good work.” – Patricia Jebsen – General Manager E-Commerce at Falabella – Argentina.

"Thinking is easy, acting is difficult, and to put one's thoughts into action is the most difficult thing in the world" (Goethe)


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